Sale and installation of multi-layer parquet

The Lalegno collection of multi-layer parquet floors is world-renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and respect for nature. Years of research and scientific knowledge of specific wood species have been the basis for the creation of Lalegno multilayer parquet.

This type of flooring is composed of several layers of wood. The extensive collection of oak, bamboo and exotic wood floors offers a durable solution that guarantees maximum quality stability for your floor.

Lux art shares its years of experience and quality of this multi-layer parquet.

As an official distributor of Lalegno, we invite you to our showroom to carefully study our large number of flooring samples.

These wood floors give you a warm and cozy feel for an affordable budget.


Advantages of multilayer floorin

Precious wood

The top layer of our floors is made of carefully selected wood.

Thanks to its extra thickness, it can be sanded and refinished according to your personality and the style of your interior.

Respect for the environment

The reinforcing layers of the floor are made of fast growing wood.

In this way, Lalegno guarantees maximum respect for the environment.


The multi-layer structure ensures a more stable floor than a solid wood floor. This also makes it suitable for integration with underfloor heating.

Extended collection

Lalegno has a wide range of wood species, sizes and finishes. Each floor can be finished to your personal taste. Customization adds character to any interior, both for individuals and projects.


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Our Lalegno flooring projects in pictures