Discover our interior staircases

Are you looking for custom-made interior staircases in Luxembourg? We offer a wide range of custom-made interior staircases. Whether you are looking for a renovation or a new construction, our stairs will meet your needs

We take care of everything from A to Z, from the manufacturing to the installation of your interior staircase.

Discover below our range of stairs in wood, metal, glass and others. Thanks to our different materials, the design and installation of your custom staircase has never been so easy. Whether you prefer a contemporary, modern or other style, our staircases fit perfectly into any type of interior thanks to the work of our specialists

Customized staircases concept

Lux art & Lc Concept also provides fully customized staircases and exterior stairs.

Our exterior stairs are galvanized by applying a thin layer of zinc to a metal object. In this way, we protect these metals against corrosion