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Lux Art Dream Design is a Luxemburish company with Belgian roots.  We are recognized for our stony carpets, waxed concrete and our custom-made staircases.  We possess an impressive customer database which trusted our knowledge and experience gone deeper into in the domain.

You look for custom-made products of design to give to your house the only and personal touch about which you always dreamed?  We can help you.


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  • We don’t consider you a number
  • High-quality products and services at honest price
  • More then 30 years of experience
  • Personal touchand not standard
Kristof Bamps
(pour Belgo Quartz)

Merci pour l’exécution parfaite. Si quelqu’un demande qui a placé le tapis de pierre, je mentionnerai volontiers votre compagnie.

Jorg Guisson
(pour Belgo Quartz)

Je voudrais vous remercier, ainsi que votre personnel, pour le merveilleux résultat de l’assemblée. Ma femme et moi, bien sûr, sommes très satisfaits du résultat. Ce fut une très belle collaboration et votre équipe a fait du très bon travail.

Gerda Ettema
(pour Belgo Quartz)

Merci de m’avoir permis de fêter Noël avec mes enfants dans une maison avec un beau nouveau sol.

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Appointment at your home or on the construction site.
We bring the necessary documentation and samples with us.


We realize your project.
We would like to hear how satisfied you are.

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Together we work on your vision / plans / project.
And you receive a tailor-made offer.

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Do you have any questions?

An unusual design? Technical issues? Our team will help you find the solution and make the right choice.



Lux Art Dream Design S.a.r.l T.V.A: LU30481175

5, Rue Jean-Baptiste Gellé, L-1620 Luxembourg

+352 691 81 81 51 Peter Naessens




Lux Art Dream Design is a Luxembourish enterprise with Belgian roots. Lux Art Dream Design also cooperate with Belgian Companies. We are wellknown for our very luxurious, exclusive tailor-made en customized stone carpet floors, waxed concrete and craftsmanship stairs.

We built up an impressive customer database due to our thorough knowledge and extraordinary competence.



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Stone carpet floors